Il Vinco - Lazio

Il Vinco is a small but growing wine project started by the three childhood friends Nicola, Marco and Daniele. They started back in 2014 with the aim of preserving some of the old varieties from the area that were close to disappearing.

They are based in the small town of Montefiacone on the south side of Lake Bolsena in the Lazio region.
They grow grapes such as Canaiolo nero, Procanico, Rossetto, Malvasia and Grechetto rosso planted on the volcanic soil of the area.

In 2017, they began experimenting with the use of biodynamic methods. The work is done manually in the fields and in the cellar they work with minimal intervention. Fermentation takes place spontaneously with wild yeast and without temperature regulation, in cement. Ageing also mainly takes place in cement, and the wines are not clarified or filtered before bottling.

The wines from Il Vinco just get better and better with each vintage. They produce juicy wines with good complexity, and something on the heart!