Eno-Trio -Etna Sicily

Enò-Trio is a vineyard of only 3 hectares located on the northern slopes of the powerful volcano, Etna, in Sicily. It is a small family business with a number of years behind it. Nunzio Puglisi is the man who started it all and today he is helped by his two daughters Stefany and Désirée.

They work with old Sicilian varieties such as Nerello Mascalese and Carricante but also with Traminer aromatico, Pinot nero, Moscato, Chardonnay and Merlot.

In the vineyards, they have a completely natural approach and their work is linked to the phases of the moon and the many secrets that Nunzio's grandmother has taught him over the years.
Fermentation takes place spontaneously, only with wild yeast. There is no clarification or filtration and the wines do not see the shadow of sulfur when bottling either.

At Enò-Trio, they strive to express the terroir in their wines, and they succeed. They make super clean and elegant wines with great nerve!