Cristiana Meggiolaro - Veneto

Cristiana Meggiolaro is one of the newest additions to our portfolio. It is a beautiful love story between two souls who both had a dream to quit their jobs so they could make wine instead. This dream came true when Cristiana and Riccardo met. They found that they both had the same dream and decided to pursue it.

Today they have a very small vineyard of only 3 hectares with the vineyards located around the hills of Ronca in the Veneto region, just east of Lake Garda.

The volcanic soil in their fields is rich in minerals, which helps Cristiana and Riccardo grow healthy plants and flavorful grapes.
They work with old varieties such as Garganega, Durella and Pinot bianco and produce only 4 different wines. In the vineyards, they have a natural approach. They work with great respect for nature, all work is done manually and no chemicals are allowed. Neither in the vineyards nor in the cellar. The wines are fermented with wild yeast and undergo no clarification or filtration before bottling.

Cristiana and Riccardo haven't been making wine for very long, but that doesn't matter so much when you have a talent like theirs. They produce incredibly clean and beautiful wines.

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