Ranchelle - Toscana

Ranchelle is a small vineyard of 4 hectares located in the Maremma area in the southern part of Tuscany. Ranchelle started back in 2014 with the aim of contributing to the preservation of traditional Maremma grapes with a philosophy of natural wine production.

The concept behind Ranchelle was created by Enrico Bachechi, who is today a distributor of natural wines in Vienna. Since 2016, Marco Giordano has been in charge of oenological consultancy, alongside his management of the winery Podere Erica in Chianti. The fields are cultivated according to organic principles and the work is done manually.

In 2014, Ranchelle took over one of the few old vineyards left in Maremma. It is a field with many different varieties that were once widespread throughout the area. This 60-year-old winery is located in an area that used to be famous for its many vineyards and was therefore called "Thousand Gems" - "Millocchio" in Italian.
All vineyards are located at an altitude of 350 meters with a south-easterly exposure and a fairly balanced soil composition of shale with silt and clay.

In the cellar, fermentation takes place spontaneously with wild yeast. When the wines have finished fermentation, they are aged in a mix of large barrels, steel tanks and fiberglass tanks, before being bottled unfiltered, unclarified and without added sulphur.

With an annual production of just around 7,000 bottles, one can quickly conclude that they do not make wine for consumption at Rachelle. They make lively and natural wines with respect for old traditions.

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