Cantina Giardino - Campania

Cantina Giardino is a small vineyard of about 6 hectares located in Ariano Irpino, east of the city of Naples in the Campania region. Cantina Giardino officially started back in 2003, after several years of experimenting with winemaking. Antonio Di Gruttola wanted to be sure that it was possible to make wine the natural way, without the use of chemicals and machines. Luckily for us, Antonio found the way!

They work with old, local varieties such as Aglianico, Greco and Fiano planted on the region's volcanic soil. The grapes are grown organically and all work in the fields is done manually, with lots of love and respect for the vines. Fermentation starts spontaneously, only with the use of wild yeast and without temperature control. The wines are bottled unfiltered and without added sulphur. Antonio ages his wines in a combination of large casks made from local wood and amphoras made on clay from their own vineyards, by Daniela Di Gruttola!

You can say many good things about the wines from Cantina Giardino, but there is no need. If you taste them you will understand 'what the fuss is about'. So just get started!