Brine D'Aprile '20

250,00 kr
Inkl. moms

Producent: Ca De Noci

Vin: Red wine

Årgang: 2020

Drue(r): Malbo Gentile

Type: Rosso

Mængde: 0.75L

Alk.%: 11

Area: Emilia Romagna, Italien

About: 'This wine is called "April Frost". It was first made in 2017, when a terrible frost destroyed the estate's Malbo Gentile grapes. The only bunches that could be harvested were secondary growths that were not at the peak of maturity.

The resulting wine was very spicy with notes of oregano, something the Masini brothers ended up liking a lot. It made them realize that picking Malbo Gentile a little early always gives this result even in normal years: a very light but incredibly aromatic wine.'