Nadia Curto - Piedmont

Curto Marco di Nadia Curto is a family business with many years behind it. Marco and his wife, Adele, started making wine in the La Morra section of Barolo, in the Piedmont region and in 2000 Nadia Curto joined her parents to help them. Today, Nadia runs the show!

For more than 60 years, the family has cultivated 4 hectares planted with the traditional Piedmont grapes Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo. Right from the start, there has been a great focus on doing things the natural way and with great respect for nature and the plants.

Cultivation is with an organic approach and all work is done manually in the fields.
All of Nadia's wines are fermented with a so-called 'pied de cuve', which is somewhat the wine's counterpart to a sourdough starter, if you like. A few days before the harvest, a few boxes of grapes are picked, which are crushed and a fermentation occurs with wild yeast. The process helps ensure a more controlled fermentation, which can be difficult when working with wild yeast. The wines Nadia produces are mainly fermented in steel tanks before being stored in different sized barrels.

Nadia produces 2 different types of Barolo - La Foia and their cru, Arborina.
La Foia is produced according to the traditional method with long maceration and long aging in large, used wooden barrels. Arborina is produced according to the modern method - a method Nadia learned from her uncle, Elio Altare, who also produces great Barolo. It is with shorter maceration and storage in small casks.

The wines Nadia Curto produces are of very high quality. They are super clean and really reflect the terroir and region where they are produced.