Mirco Mariotti - Emilia-Romagna

The story of winemaker Mirco Mariotti begins in Argenta, a small town located in northern Italy in the province of Ferrara in Emilia-Romagna. Back in 1976, Mirco's father, Giorgio Mariotti, started a wine analysis and consultation laboratory called 'La Bottega del Vino'. Through his work, he became aware of the uniqueness of the wines produced on the local sandy soils in the planted vineyards of Bosco Eliceo.

In 1998, Giorgio also started producing wine himself, mainly from the locally known grape, Fortana. In addition to Fortana, they also grow grapes such as Trebbiano, Malvasia and Sauvignon blanc.
Since 2009, his son Mirco, who studied oenology, has been in charge of the wine production. In the field, the approach is organic, the work is done manually and in the cellar the wines ferment spontaneously with wild yeast. At Mariotti, they produce a lot of different wines, but have a big focus on sparkling wines. In the spring, they add unfermented grape must to the wine when they bottle it to start the second fermentation in the bottle.

Their aim is to produce local wines according to the Emilian tradition and are particularly fond of the pet nat style!

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