Cà del Vént - Lombardy

Cà del Vént is a small winery started by Flavio Faliva and Antonio Tornincasa. They live in the Franciacorta area, north-west of Brescia in Lombardy in northern Italy.

With enough money to acquire just a few sticks and a few barrels, they made their first wine back in 1994. Since then they have grown and today they have 6 hectares of vineyards planted in the hills and on the slopes of the small area, Campiani. A quite unique little place with steep slopes, windy and dry microclimate combined with a good soil mixture of limestone and clay. In the fields, they mainly work with grapes such as Chardonnay, Pinot noir, Barbera, Marzemino, Syrah and Nebbiolo.

They are certified biodynamic and all work is done manually. They work with great respect for nature and treat their plants as if they were human individuals! They work with microzoning in their 11 vineyards and have a strong focus on very low yields.

Cà del Vént produced their first sparkling Franciacorta in 2001. Back in 2015, however, their wines were no longer approved as Franciacorta. The reason was that their wines were simply too rich and complex in taste. This is something we do not disagree with, because the wines Cà del Vént produces are intense with great depth and complexity.

So thanks for that Flavio & Antonio!

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